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Sports Grant Premium


Sports Grant Premium

Sports Grant Funding 2016 – 2017
We intend to use our allocation of £9168.00 in the following ways: 


Sports Grant Premium 2016 - 2017

Intended outcomes for pupils

Widen the range of sporting opportunities for pupils across the school.  This includes the provision of a subsidised before school sports club 3 mornings per week - Active at Eight.

All pupils will have opportunity to participate in a variety of sports activities throughout the year including multi-skills, tag rugby, cricket and gymnastics.

A member of support staff is employed for additional hours to coordinate sports provision for offsite activities.  This will include tag ruby tournament, cricket tournament and netball.

Pupils will be provided with opportunities to compete competitively against other schools in a range of sports.

Provide high quality coaching for pupils through partnership work with a local sports provider.

All pupils will receive coaching sessions with external sports coaches throughout the school year. For example cricket and basketball.

Federation Sports Summer 2017.  Employ sports coaches for a wide range of sporting opportunities with Barton Stacey C of E Primary. 

All pupils will participate in range of sport activities alongside Barton Stacey pupils – providing competition and friendship opportunities.

Provision of additional after school clubs in sport.  This year this will include cricket and football. A member of school staff is also employed to run clubs or support the specialist external providers.  This ensures pupils can access the sports field which requires increased adult: pupil ratios due to the location.

Pupils will have opportunity to learn new skills through participation as well as improve health and well-being through physical activity.

Increase school and individual pupil participation in competitions and festivals across the region to include transport and coaching support.

The school will be represented at local and regional competitions. Pupils will have opportunity to play competitively.

Purchase of additional PE resources including gymnastic benches, sports equipment for tennis, football and netball.

Teachers will be able to deliver high quality lessons with appropriate resources.  Children will be able to access learning with appropriate resources.

Purchase of additional lunchtime equipment to promote active play and games.  Lunchtime games leader employed 30 minutes per day to promote games and physical activity.

Increased opportunities for active play for all children.  Increased leadership responsibilities for Year 6 pupils to lead games and activities under guidance of lunchtime games leader.

How will the impact of the funding be measured?
The school will conference pupils and staff members in the summer term 2017.
The annual parental survey will request feedback about sports provision and impact.


Sports Premium Impact Statement 2015 – 2016


  1. Sports Clubs provided after school in 2015 – 2016 which were subsidised by Sports Premium Grant.


Table Tennis




2. Active at Eight before school club sports provision which was subsidised by Sports Premium Grant.

This club was provided for children for 38 weeks of the year on 3 days of each week.  The club was always full with a waiting list for most sessions. 

Year group

Number of children who attended

Number of girls

Number of boys

Most popular sport(s) in 2015/2016





Throwing and catching balls in games










Frog Game





Bench-ball dodgeball





Hockey outside





Football, hockey, netball





Hockey, football, netball


3.  Staffing

A member of staff is employed part time to provide an additional sports club each term, attend network meetings with local schools and organise sports matches against other schools.  Their role has also involved organising within school sports events.

A wider range of sports has been provided throughout the school year.
Sports teams have been able to attend matches supervised by a dedicated member of staff, allowing the school day to run smoothly.  This has included tag rugby, cricket and netball.


4.       Competitions


           Offsite sports matches

             Tag- rugby tournament

Basketball tournament
Cricket tournament

Netball matches in Winchester and at Barton Stacey C of E Primary
Swimming Gala in Winchester
Indoor cricket tournament at Ageas Bowl, Southampton

The school has been represented at local and county sports events, providing children with opportunity to experience competitive sports in a controlled environment.

6.          Additional expenditure

Subsidised transport to sports events, outdoor activities and competitions.
Being a rural school additional contributions towards travel costs has made it possible for children to

participate in events and competitions.


7. Purchase of sports and PE equipment

This has supported high quality provision of sport across the school, both during the day and before and after school.