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Every year, a boy and a girl from each year group is nominated by their class to stand as a school councilor. They meet on a regular basis through the term to discuss how to improve our school and support the wider community. Each year we sponsor a charity where the School Council hold special events to raise funds. We will be choosing our charity during the Autumn Term. Look out for updates!

Our chosen charity is .... SAVE THE CHILDREN!


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Look out for fundraising events throughout the academic year, we look forward to making a real difference from your donations.

School Council set the Questions!


Across the school the children are very excited about recruiting a new Executive Headteacher to make our school even better than it already is. The School Councillors, together with the Governors, have a huge responsibility to ask the right questions to find the right candidate. 


Our Councillors have come up with a range of questions to interview our prospective candidates and we look forward to hearing the answers!

School Council Photo Competition!


The School Council have launched their animal photo competition. Each entry is to be a printed photograph of a happy pet - your pet, a neighbours pet or family member's pet with permission from the owner. Each entry is to have the name of the pet & child with 25p sellotaped to the back. Entries are to be in school by Monday 2nd November (1st day after half-term). The children were encouraged to only take a photograph if the animal is safe and comfortable - no tangled tarantula's! All funds raised will go to our school charity the RSPCA. The School Council will award 5 prizes for the best entries. The best of luck! 

School Council lead Collective Worship!


The school council led our collective worship this afternoon where they updated the other children on their last meeting and agreed school charity for this year .... The RSPCA!!!!


The children had put together a wonderful presentation explaining their plans for the rest of the term. They asked the children lots of questions and they talked about why it was so tricky to decide on a specific charity as they are aware of how much help is needed in different parts of the world. The children thought that lots of charities are helping people but perhaps there are animals across the world who have been forgotten. They hope that they can help animals across the world. 


We look forward to updating you on their planned events and activities to raise money throughout the year.

School Council lead Collective Worship

School Council lead Collective Worship 1
School Council lead Collective Worship 2
School Council lead Collective Worship 3
School Council lead Collective Worship 4
School Council lead Collective Worship 5
School Council lead Collective Worship 6
School Council lead Collective Worship 7
School Council lead Collective Worship 8
School Council lead Collective Worship 9
School Council lead Collective Worship 10

Peer Mentors!


We have four Peer Mentors who have undergone training with Mrs Overton to lead learning and play at lunchtimes. They have a successful team of Play Leaders who run activities during lunchtime to develop sporting, drama and social skills amongst a few.


Over the past three terms the children have interviewed other children to seek their views on how best to improve their lunchtime experience which has resulted in some fantastic new clubs run by the children. These include Board Games Club, Dance Club, Art Club and Circus Skills.


Look out for our new Peer Mentors during the Autumn Term, we are looking forward to seeing them learn and develop our lunchtime activities throughout the year.


Peer mentors led our Collective Worship this morning with a very exciting PowerPoint! They talked about their roles within school and what being a Peer Mentor means. They explained that they are here to support our community and help the children on the playground. They help other children who are Play Leaders to ensure they are setting up exciting activities at lunchtimes and also to see which children abide by the school rules. 


The children talked about the introduction of their 'sorry box' which is going to be placed near to our lunch tokens where any children who may be having a tricky time with friends can write a note and the Peer Mentors are going to see if they can help.


The Peer mentors are also planning a 'sugar rush' afternoon where they are hoping to teach the children more about healthy choices at lunchtime and playtime. More details to follow.


Well done Peer Mentors!

Sugar Rush - What's all this?

Sugar Rush - What's all this? 1
Sugar Rush - What's all this? 2
Sugar Rush - What's all this? 3
Sugar Rush - What's all this? 4
Sugar Rush - What's all this? 5
Sugar Rush - What's all this? 6
Sugar Rush - What's all this? 7
Sugar Rush - What's all this? 8
Sugar Rush - What's all this? 9
Sugar Rush - What's all this? 10
Sugar Rush - What's all this? 11

Mrs Overton, together with some of the Young Mentors ran our "Sugar Rush" afternoon. We began with a "Ready Steady Cook" style assembly with the help from our Kitchen Staff who made 2 healthy dishes using a variety of ingredients within their two teams; the Green Peppers & Red Tomatoes! Mr Tatnall was invited to taste the delectable delights created and the children were to vote using their very own Green Pepper or Red Tomato. The winning team was ... RED TOMATOES!!!


The children went on to investigate further about sugar content in foods and explore how different foods provide different things for our bodies to keep us healthy. With support of an ultra-violet light machine and special gel the children were also able to explore how germs spread which may prevent us from being healthy. 


All in all, a wonderful afternoon had by all where the children's knowledge and understanding has blossomed. Well done everyone!



JRSO stands for Junior Road Safety Officer. We have two JRSO's in school who begin their training in the Autumn Term. They will go to a conference and meet with other JRSO's from other schools as well as leading professionals in Road Safety. The children will learn how to keep themselves and others safe in a variety of situations when outside of school. They will then disseminate this training during school time to other children. We are looking forward to exploring their new games and activities!