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The teaching of history in Micheldever Primary School is based on the National Curriculum and follows a topic based approach.

The topics covered are as follows:



Cycle A

Cycle B


The life of a family member

The Wright Brothers

Ships over time

Christopher Columbus

Village study


William Caxton & Time Berners-Lee

Compare Florence Nightingale & Edith Cavell

Development of the transport industry


Samuel Pepys & Christopher Wren

Changes in building structure


Changes in Britain- Stone Age to Iron Age

Ancient Egypt

Local history study

The Roman Empire

The impact of the Romans in Winchester


Britain’s settlement by Anglo Saxon and Scots.

Ancient Greece

Mayan Civilisation

Battle of Britain



Learning is enhanced through offsite visits, for example Stonehenge, Milestones Museum, The Willis Museum and Aldershot Army Museum.

Alongside this, there is a clear progression of skills that teachers assess children against and build upon in their teaching in the following areas:

  • The history of Britain

  • The history of the wider world

  • Understanding abstract terms such as ‘civilisation’

  • Understanding historical concepts such as ‘cause and consequence’

  • Understanding the methods of historical enquiry

  • Placing historical knowledge into different contexts

For example, in Year One children may be able to place events in chronological order. In Year Three they may notice similarities and differences between periods of time and by Year Six they will be working to make links between past societies and periods.

Class teachers assess pupil progress in these areas in terms of ‘developing’, ‘secure’ or ‘exceeded’.