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School Awards to Celebrate Success and Achievement!


Each week we hold our 'Headteacher Awards' where each classteacher nominates a pupil from their class who has made exceptional progress, achieved something new or generally worked hard throughout the course of the week. Each nominated child then receives a certificate from the Head of School or Executive Headteacher in front of the whole school in recognition of their achievements. 


As part of our RRR initiative, a pupil from each class is nominated by the classteacher to be awarded a certificate in recognition of their contribution to the class or school. Things highlighted may be taking the Responsibility to look after others or keep the classroom learning environment tidy, treating others with Respect or making a conscious effort to ensure the Rights of those around them are being achieved. 


At the end of each academic half-term, classteachers are asked to nominate a pupil who they feel has worked exceptionally hard across the whole term. One child is then chosen by the Executive Headteacher and Head of School to receive the 'Extra-Mile Trophy'. This is presented in the Headteacher awards at the end of term and the chosen pupil is able to keep the trophy for the following term. 


Additionally we have also introduced our 'Sports Award' in recognition of the development of PE and sports within our school. The PE leader liaises with our sports coaches and classteachers to choose a pupil who has made an outstanding contribution to sports and shown real qualities of a sports person for that term. The chosen pupil is able to keep the trophy for the following term.