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Attendance at school


Education is every child’s right.  Daily attendance is your responsibility.
And every day counts!


Regular attendance at school is proven to impact upon pupil progress and learning.  This is supported by national evidence that shows that pupils with a poor attendance record do not achieve as well as pupils who regularly attend school.  Daily attendance ensures that pupils can access new areas of learning when introduced, with opportunities to develop and reinforce key skills.  The development of social skills and successful friendships are also key elements to school life.  A good pattern of attendance at primary school is a key factor in helping pupils to achieve good attendance at secondary school.

Why should children attend school daily?

  • The effect that poor attendance at school can have on a child’s education can be permanent and damaging to future life chances.
  • Missing school also means that children have to spend additional time catching up in their work on their return to school.
  • There is clear evidence of a strong link between poor attendance and low levels of achievement.  Children who miss school are placed at a distinct disadvantage to their peers.
  • Statistics show that only 3% of children achieve 5 A* to C grades at GCSE if 30% of school is missed in primary or secondary school.
  • Statistics show that only 35% of children manage to achieve 5 A* to C grades at GCSE, including English and maths if 10 – 20% of school is missed


In this table you can see how accumulated absence contributes to a significant amount of time at the end of 5 years.


Attendance Rate

Approx. days absence by the end of the year

School time missed by the end of 5 years






¼ of a year



½ of a year



¾ of a year



1 whole year


We fully accept that in most circumstances, illness is a genuine and unavoidable reason for absence.  However, attendance should be at least 95% and anything lower than this will have a  detrimental effect on a child’s progress.  School staff and the Governing Body work very hard to ensure good attendance for all children in our school.