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Willow class exhibition - Autumn Term 2020

Have a watch of our exhibition video below to see all the learning we have been doing this term.

w/c 16th November

Willow have moved on to multiplication in Maths this week and have shown great resilience in learning a formal written method to show their workings. Children are prepped and ready to start writing their diary entries in English and have really enjoyed exploring the concept of power in RE and what some Christians believe about God's power. Take a look at our class Word Cloud! 'P' for Power:  

Resilient Ruby!

As a school, we've been exploring the four Learning Powers. Each power is associated with an animal and Willow have worked hard to create stories about how each animal gained their learning power to share with the rest of the school. This week, we are looking at 'Resilient Ruby'. Who will win our 'School Values' star of the week for showing resilience this week?

Remembrance Day

We hope you have had chance to take a look at the Remembrance Video put together by KS2, which you can find on our homepage. In addition, Willow have undertaken a 'Butterfly Project', which provides a poignant reminder of those who have died in war, including Jewish children, which has been the focus of our WW2 learning this term.  Children have worked exceptionally hard to create a beautiful final product and it can be seen at the main gate. Here's a sneak preview:

w/c 2nd November

Willow have made an excellent start to the new half term. In Maths, children have been applying their knowledge of rounding to make estimations of answers to addition and subtraction problems. They have also started looking at diary entries in English and have expressed great enthusiasm about the life of Anne Frank, who they'll be studying this term. In the afternoons, children have been learning about 'Learning Powers' and have been writing stories to help the launch of these across the school. In addition, children have enjoyed making use of the library, which is now stocked full of new books - thankyou to those of you involved in our 'Sponsored Read'.

w/c 19th October

Willow have really enjoyed their last week of the half term. Children have worked really hard to write stories from the perspective of objects. They have also applied their knowledge of electrical circuits to create Morse Code machines and have visited the school allotment to prepare it for growing winter vegetables, as people would have done during WW2. Well done to Esther and Jonathan, our Stars of the Week.


w/c 12th October

Willow have had another fantastic week of learning. In Maths, we've applied our knowledge of rounding and multiplying my 10, 100 and 1000 to decimal numbers and we've made excellent progress in English, where we've worked really hard to vary our sentence structures in preparation for story writing next week. In RE, we've contextualised the concept of 'Belonging' by looking at the duties of Muslims, Christians and Jews.

w/c 21st September

Willow have had another great week and have made excellent progress with their newspaper reports in English and place value in Maths, where they've been applying their knowledge to more complex problems. We have conducted investigations in Science and have taken the role of reporters and eye-witnesses in Project. We have also started learning about the Kindertranport and making leaflets for children arriving in Britain pre-WW2.

w/c 14th September

We started our week with a book tasting session (see below). We really enjoyed it and came away with some great new books we look forward to reading! We have also started some fantastic work in Maths looking at place value and have started looking at Newspaper Reports in English, where we will be reporting on the event of 'Kristallnacht' (The Night of Broken Glass). In Project, we have looked at the countries involved in WW2 and have placed them on a map. In Science, we revised symbols of a circuit by using chalk on the playground!


Welcome to the Book Café!

Today, Willow Class experienced a book tasting! You may remember the 'Sponsored Read' children undertook in the Spring Term. Today, children were able to "taste" some of the fantastic books that have arrived.

"It was fun and exciting!" - Daisy

"I liked the fact I came away with some great books!" - Florence

"I am excited to read something new!" - Arthur


w/c 7th September 2020

This week, Willow Class have begun their topic on World War 2. We have studied the origins of the war as well as created memory boxes; gas masks and learned how to darn a sock! We have also experienced an air raid in our very own air raid shelters! We have been thinking about our identities and how we are special and unique. This has led some fantastic art work! We have also started our topic on electricity in Science, where we practiced making circuits!

Welcome to Willow Class with Mrs Webber


Science Day!

We welcomed some visitors to Micheldever today to celebrate British Science Week. We had some visitors from Winchester cathedral, who taught us all about Medieval medicine and visitors from Lionel Hitchin, who taught us all about food flavourings. We had lots of fun learning through some hands on activities. 


Dirty Beasts!

Thank you to all those who supported our World Book Day celebrations by enabling their child to come to school dressed as a Roald Dahl character. In Willow, we had a range of characters including: Matilda, Esio Trot, Bean, Bunce, Fantastic Mr Fox, Mr Willy Wonka, Miss Honey, Danny the Champion of the World, Mr Twit and the Wormwoods. Mrs Webber couldn't pass an opportunity to spend the day in her slippers, so came as Sophie from the BFG!

To continue the celebrations, we looked at Roald Dahl's 'Dirty Beast' poems and created some of our own. We've put them together in a class book to share with you at our class exhibition.


Spelling Shed

This week, we launched 'Spelling Shed' - a web based spelling game, through which Mrs Webber can set spelling homework and other activities. The children are all very excited about it and have enjoyed familiarising themselves with how it works.

Ndebele Patterns

We took inspiration from the Ndebele tribe in Africa, and created some of our own patterns using masking tape and acrylic paint. We transferred these onto t-shirts, which we hope to wear when we serve you food at our Meal 4 Change on the 23rd March! Please keep that evening free as it promises to be a wonderful fun-filled, uplifting event. 


SATs Information Meeting

Thank you to all the Y6 parents who attended the SATs Information Meeting on Monday evening. I hope you found it useful. If you were unable to attend, some highly recommended CGP revision resources are available to purchase at a reduced cost of £4. Please send the money in with your child as soon as possible. All the information and resources shared at the meeting can be found here.

In the 'Hot Seat'

This afternoon, we played the roles of Malawian children. Members of our group then asked us questions about our lives to help with our diary writing later this week. Mrs Webber was impressed with our imaginations and looks forward to reading them!

African Activity Morning

We have had SUCH an exciting morning! We welcomed Kwame, from Ghana, to Micheldever, who taught us some African dances, songs and drumming! We then performed everything we'd learned to the rest of the school. It was just wonderful!


A 'Well' Exciting Afternoon!

In order to get a glimpse into the lives of Malawian children, we discussed what it might be like having to go and collect water for your family each day. We worked out that an average UK 10 year old requires approximately 200 litres of water each day (including one load of washing and one cycle of the dishwasher). We had a go at using a pulley system (created by the wonderful Mrs Hann) to retrieve 30L of water from a 'well' in our apparatus area. We talked about the importance of reducing spillage and also had a go at carrying 15L buckets of water across the playground. By the end of the activity, we were all in agreement that we are extremely lucky to be able to have such easy access to clean water.


Vloggers for Justice!

In RE, we have been looking at the concept of Justice. Today, we looked at it in a religious context by looking at the parable of the Lost Son. Children then went away and recorded vlogs from the perspective of each of the characters to develop their understanding. 


Maths on the Move

Today, we had our introduction to Maths on the Move - a sequence of lessons, which teaches Maths through movement. The children also enjoyed their first Tri-golf session. We will look forward to this on a Friday afternoon!

Welcome Back!

Happy New Year and welcome back! We had a great day in Willow today, kick-starting our new topic; "Can success come from adversity?" We will be using the study of Africa to help us in answering this question. We started by discussing our perceptions of the continent, before moving on to look at a 'Bedsheet' map of Africa. Children practiced using coordinates to accurately place all of the countries! It's hanging at the back of our room - you're welcome to pop in and have a look! 


Thank you so much to all those of you who came along to our exhibition this week. We really loved celebrating our learning with you. We hope you enjoyed your morning with us and perhaps learned something new, too! 

Green Ambassadors

Huge well done to our Green Ambassadors for putting on such an informative assembly today, on how we can all play our part in helping our environment. As a school, we've all vowed to make more of an effort to put waste in the correct bin and to be more proactive in switching lights off when they're not in use.


Over the past few weeks, we've been looking at how we can keep ourselves safe online. Today, the lesson was focused on how we should conduct ourselves online, and the consequences of poor choices. We spent some time checking out the BBC app, Own It, which prompts children to think before sending! Check it out here

D.T. Day!

Today, Willow Class had the challenge of designing and creating a parachute, which could safely transport an egg to the ground. I was really impressed by the children's application of Science knowledge and the collaboration they showed, both within and across teams. Congratulations to our winning team, pictured below with their final product. All of the children's finished designs are hanging proudly in our classroom - we look forward to showing them to you on Exhibition Day! 



Congratulations Willow, on your FANTASTIC performance of Macbeth at the Haymarket Theatre. Not only was the final product something you should all be incredibly proud of, but the way you worked as a team both on and off stage was just wonderful. Well done! 


Willow had great fun playing Quidditch this morning and did a great job applying some of their attacking and defending skills learned in Tag Rugby last half term. Congratulations to Ravenclaw who won today's tournament! The trophy can be found in our cabinet at the School Reception.

Double, double, toil and trouble! 

Today, Willow Class showed their production of Macbeth to Birch Class. If you are coming along to the real thing at Haymarket Theatre next month - you are in for a real treat! The children have all worked so hard and they should be really proud of themselves. Here's a glimpse of the three weird sisters in costume! 


Lunar Learning!                                                   

We had great fun in Science today, where we began looking at the movement of the moon relative to Earth. In groups of three, children replicated the Earth's orbit around the sun AND the moon's orbit around the Earth. We then moved on to look at different phases of the moon using polystyrene balls as a visual aid! Children have been encouraged to keep a moon diary over the next month to see how the moon changes. We'll be extending our knowledge of the moon phases next week, when we'll introduce some more sophisticated vocabulary. I wonder if your child could tell you the phases they've learned in class today?

Shakespeare Festival Company Workshop

 We had a fantastic time at the Haymarket Theatre last week, where we met with 'experts' who gave us five top tips for our production next month. Children have shown a great amount of enthusiasm and commitment to our performance of 'Macbeth' and the final product is something they should feel very proud of. If you haven't done so already, you can purchase tickets from the Box Office website.  More tickets are expected to be released at the end of the month.