Willow Class News


Over the past few weeks, we've been looking at how we can keep ourselves safe online. Today, the lesson was focused on how we should conduct ourselves online, and the consequences of poor choices. We spent some time checking out the BBC app, Own It, which prompts children to think before sending! Check it out here

D.T. Day!

Today, Willow Class had the challenge of designing and creating a parachute, which could safely transport an egg to the ground. I was really impressed by the children's application of Science knowledge and the collaboration they showed, both within and across teams. Congratulations to our winning team, pictured below with their final product. All of the children's finished designs are hanging proudly in our classroom - we look forward to showing them to you on Exhibition Day! 



Congratulations Willow, on your FANTASTIC performance of Macbeth at the Haymarket Theatre. Not only was the final product something you should all be incredibly proud of, but the way you worked as a team both on and off stage was just wonderful. Well done! 


Willow had great fun playing Quidditch this morning and did a great job applying some of their attacking and defending skills learned in Tag Rugby last half term. Congratulations to Ravenclaw who won today's tournament! The trophy can be found in our cabinet at the School Reception.

Double, double, toil and trouble! 

Today, Willow Class showed their production of Macbeth to Birch Class. If you are coming along to the real thing at Haymarket Theatre next month - you are in for a real treat! The children have all worked so hard and they should be really proud of themselves. Here's a glimpse of the three weird sisters in costume! 


Lunar Learning!                                                   

We had great fun in Science today, where we began looking at the movement of the moon relative to Earth. In groups of three, children replicated the Earth's orbit around the sun AND the moon's orbit around the Earth. We then moved on to look at different phases of the moon using polystyrene balls as a visual aid! Children have been encouraged to keep a moon diary over the next month to see how the moon changes. We'll be extending our knowledge of the moon phases next week, when we'll introduce some more sophisticated vocabulary. I wonder if your child could tell you the phases they've learned in class today?

Shakespeare Festival Company Workshop

 We had a fantastic time at the Haymarket Theatre last week, where we met with 'experts' who gave us five top tips for our production next month. Children have shown a great amount of enthusiasm and commitment to our performance of 'Macbeth' and the final product is something they should feel very proud of. If you haven't done so already, you can purchase tickets from the Box Office website.  More tickets are expected to be released at the end of the month.