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Hello and welcome to Oak class news page. We are always busy, active and learning. Have a look below to see some of the things we get up to.   

 Summer Term Curriculum Letter

Spring Term Curriculum Letter

Autumn Term Curriculum Letter    


What an end to a fantastic year! Oak have worked so hard even in the final week. They have been challenging themselves with maths problems and using their brilliant writing skills. They have made cards for their buddies and have loved their friendships made this year. Well done for a fabulous year R and we wish everyone well next year


This week we have been primarily getting ready for exhibition. Thank you to all those parents and friends and family who came, the children loved showing you all their work. We are most proud of their information booklets about the oceanarium! It is at this time of the year that we reflect back and look at the journey they have made over the year and their writing blows us away. How only 10 months ago, most children could barely write their own name and now they are writing full sentences and writing their own books! We have also enjoyed lots of creative arty activities linked with our under the sea topic and learnt some sea side themed songs. 


We have had a fun week this week and the weather has continued to be kind to us. We have enjoyed much more exploration time outside as the weather has continued to be dry. We have been learning about capacity in the water tray and making potions in the mud kitchen to make the naughty shark kind again. The shark kept capturing the turtle and the children had to work as a team to rescue him by crossing the quick sand without touching the ground with their feet - super collaboration going on! We have learnt that information books have a contents page and we have added one to our books about the oceanarium. Our new Year R children have joined us for their final transition day before the summer holidays and it was lovely to see our children being so kind and warm towards them all and showing them how we share toys and take turns. Next week we will be getting ready for our final exhibition of the year and we are excited that it is the same day as the school fete! Have a lovely weekend.



Despite it being a short week (and the hottest days so far this year) we have crammed in a huge amount. Firstly, thank you so much to all the parents, grandparents and other family members who came along on Tuesday for a brilliant sports morning. The children were so well behaved and it was lovely to see them all join in with the activities with such enthusiasm and a can do attitude. It is so important that they are building that element of resilience even when they might not succeed. In maths we have continued to do some measuring and we have been introduced to the different coins and tried paying for things with 1p's. We have nearly finished our information booklets about the oceanarium and can not wait to show you. 


Your children were brilliantly behaved on Tuesday to our trip to Bournemouth oceanarium and a pleasure to take out for the day! We had 'the best day ever'! We loved seeing all the different sea animals, we saw piranhas, sharks, giant sea turtles, clown fish, sharks, otters and penguins to name a few. After, we had lunch on the beach and then got to play and dig in the sand. We had so much fun with our friends. Since returning to school we have written about our day, started writing information booklets about the oceanarium and have started making an underwater scene! We can't wait to show you all our work at exhibition in a few weeks time!





We have definitely missed the chicks this week, but we have heard that they are very happy in their new home with a big field to run around and lots more friends to play with. This week, the high light was having Mr Murray in to share his books and to teach us how to draw Icky Doo Dah (the main character). He gave such clear instructions that all of us drew amazing pictures of Icky Doo Dah and then we wrote where we thought this character might go on an adventure. Today we wrote letters to Mr Murray, to say a big thank you for his time and patience with us. Shhh, we have made cards and special gifts for Father's Day (please check book bags), we hope all the Daddy's get spoilt on Sunday. 



It's been lovely to be all back together after the half term, and a special thanks to Wren's and Verity's families for helping look after the chicks. They have grown a huge amount and returned as stroppy teenagers, who are less interested in cuddles and more interested in eating and sleeping! This week we have started learning about the sea and the types of animals that live in our oceans. We've loved learning about capacity through playing in the water trays and using different sized containers. On D-Day we learnt about the operation that helped end the second World War and thought about the people who had lost their lives to help give us the life we have today. 



This week we had such a lovely day at Foot Farm, the children had to walk there and back which was a feat in itself for some. When we got there we played in the fields and searched for bugs. We found two beautiful dragonflies, some yellow and green spiders and lots of butterflies and lady birds. The children loved the tractor ride, followed by lunch. Then it was ice-creams, (a massive thank you goes to Mrs B's Dad, Mr Foot) and then a play in the river. The children all came out soaking wet but they loved every minute! The rain did not dampen our spirits and the children had a brilliant day. The children have done some brilliant writing about their day - we are blown away with how their sentence writing is coming on. The chicks are getting bigger and are very happy to be gently loved! 





This week we have welcomed 4 new members of Oak class! Four out of our seven eggs hatched on Tuesday (exactly 21 days after going in the incubator). We have got four beautiful fluffy chicks and the children thought long and hard about names, but in the end, they voted for Rainbow, Poppy, Popcorn and Honey-Chick. They have recieved lots of love and gentle strokes from not only the children in Oak class, but children from across the school. Inbetween cuddles, we have written our own books based on the story of Jasper's Beanstalk. We have some budding authors and we look forward to sharing our stories with you soon. In maths we have been learning about 2d shapes and their properties.





We have enjoyed our four day week and the warmer weather! This week we have loved playing on our new equipment in the woodland area! We are exploring adding multiple numbers in one go using a variety of resources. The very hungry caterpillar has been a popular story and enjoyed multiple times. We are really looking forward to the chicks hopefully hatching next week. If you have any spare news papers, we'd be really grateful for them to line the chicks beds. 



This week we have enjoyed learning about the artist Andy Goldsworthy. We had a go at creating our own patterns using natural resources and tried to use circles, spirals and wiggly lines. The finished art work was then photographed - we are very impressed with their work. In maths we have been adding more than 2 numbers together, we have used practical resources and written number sentences to match using the addition and equals sign. We have learnt about the life cycle of a chick and drawn pictures and written captions or sentences to explain the process. Enjoy your three day weekend!



We have had a few guests this week in Oak class. It started on Tuesday with the welcoming of 7 chicken eggs and an incubator. The children have been eager to learn about the eggs and have set up a hatching countdown. The children are checking the eggs every day and making sure they are happy, reading them stories and talking to them. Happy eggs make happy chicks! Then on Thursday we had the visit from furries, fangs and feathers. We were able to look at and touch most of these wonderful creatures. There was a hedgehog, snake, bearded dragon, giant millipede, barn owl, guinea pig and a tortoise. The children enjoyed learning a little bit about each animal and were impeccably well behaved and polite. Enjoy your weekend! Fingers crossed for warmer weather. 





We have been really impressed how well Oak class have returned after the Easter holidays. They have enjoyed playing with our newly refurbished role play corner, thank you to those who have contributed to it! This week we have planted some sunflower seeds and hope they will grow as tall as us, if not taller! We have been focusing on doubling and using numicon, fingers, and other resources to help us work out the answer. Our counting to 10 for all of us is very secure—would you continue to support numbers in the correct order past 13 up to 20 at home please. Please can we remind you that PE kits need to be in school on a Monday and now we will be outside much more, it is important that your child has plimsols or trainers in their PE bag too.



We have had such a brilliant week. We started off reminiscing about our trip to Choldreton farm, we looked through all the brillaint photos and wrote some sentences about our favourite bits. We painted pictures of the animals we saw there and have been playing farms in the classoom. In maths we have been using non standard measure to measure how far different toy cars can travel and have recapped number bonds to 10. Thank you so much to all the family members who came to exhibition - the children loved sharing their work with you. The highlight of the week has to be the disco, where we all enjoyed a dance together - we have some movers in Oak class! Have a lovely weekend - only a 4 day week next week! 



What a fantastic day we had today at Cholderton Rare Breeds Farm with Snowy owl class from Barton Stacey. The excitement started straight away with the coach trip and being able to spot farm animals, trains, tractors and car transporters on our route there. We loved seeing all the different animals: horses, llamas, goats, sheep, ducks and rabbits. We thought the pig racing was hilarious and we were all very brave when we touched rabbits and guinea pigs. A big highlight was playing on the trampolines and soft play and lunch time. We were really impressed with everyone's brilliant behaviour, they were very polite to the staff at the farm and enjoyed getting to know the year R children from Barton Stacey. They should sleep well tonight! 



What a brilliant week we have had. It feels like spring is finally on the way and we have welcomed less rain at the end of this week and been playing outside much more in our newly canopied area.

Thank you to everyone for making such an effort with their book day costumes, everyone looked brilliant! We enjoyed writing our own stories based on our character and I was impressed with their ability to write correctly the tricky words 'he' or 'she' and 'the'. In drawing week we read Captain Duck and have drawn some great pictures of him in his boat. We also learnt the new word 'liability' because this is exactly what Captain Duck is, causing trouble where ever he goes! In we maths are focusing on all the pairs of numbers that make 10 (also known as number bonds). Any work that can support this learning at home would be amazing. Happy Mother's Day to all you brilliant Mummy's, hopefully you will get spoilt on Sunday.





This week we have been enjoying the book The Naughty Bus by Jan and Jerry Oke. The children have drawn some brilliant drawings in drawing club this week linked with the story. They loved turning their buses into magic buses and it being able to travel anywhere or visit anyone. Some met up with the gingerbread man, some went to the beach and one even went ice skating! In maths we have been making comparisons between groups of objects and using the language more, less and the same. Today we have learnt about St David the patron Saint of Wales and have made daffodils and baked Welsh cakes to bring home (we also listened to a few Tom Jones tracks in class!)   Fingers crossed for a dry weekend. 


We've had a great first week back and got well underway with our transport topic. This week we've been learning about tractors and some of their jobs they can do. In maths we have been doing lots of work with number, recognising them, ordering them correctly, writing them and adding together 2 groups. Despite the rain, we've managed to get out for a walk around our local area spotting signs of spring. We saw snow drops, daffodils and lots of new buds coming out on the trees. We heard some different birds and enjoyed splashing in the puddles but the highlight was watching the binmen empty the bins into their lorry! We've also started to learn about different maps and next week we will have a go at drawing some of our local area. Please remember PE kits need to be in school and we will start to do more outdoor PE so trainers are needed too. Enjoy the weekend! 




Well done Oak for another brilliant week, we have made and decorated gingerbread men and thought about people who are important to us and written cards for them. Everyone in Oak has been trying really hard to learn their phonics and we are moving to new groups after half term. Keep going with their reading and keep practicing the tricky words too! Have a great half term and we will see you after the break. 



This week our traditional tale has been Chicken Licken. The children have enjoyed drawing the characters and making a map to show where Chicken Licken went. Chicken Licken has lots of rhyming words in it and we have been listening for words that sound the same. In maths we have been adding two numbers together and looking at maps and learning about directions. Our favourite part of the week has been the icy cold weather because we have been able to make beautiful ice sculptures, using plates of water and placing different natural objects into the water to then freeze over night. They looked beautiful hung up in the trees! 



Oak have had a great week, talking about floating and sinking and investing these. Perhaps you could try at home with different objects. We have been looking at The Three Little Pigs as our Traditional Tale this week and we have all enjoyed huffing and puffing. It snowed on Monday and we have been experimenting with frozen water and ice. As it's cold outside could you make sure all the children have a warm coat please. 



It was been wonderful to all be back together this week and hearing all about their time off and their presents! Despite the children only being back for 3 days, we have crammed in a lot. We have started our traditional tales topic with the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We have acted the story out, ordered the story using pictures, and put up wanted posters around the school for the big bad wolf, because he has escaped from Grandma's house! In maths we have been practicing writing numerals to 10 and some of us to 20! Have a lovely weekend. 


We have made it to the end of their first term at primary school! What a brilliant term it has been and we have crammed in so much. This week has been jam-packed, we have done Christmas craft, stories with Santa, the Christmas shopping (you are going to love your presents), writing to Father Christmas and a little bit of maths! Your children have blown us away this term and they have made some lovely friendships. We wish you all a very wonderful Christmas and new year and look forward to seeing the children refreshed in a few weeks time. 



What a brilliant week Oak class have had this week. They've loved playing in the role play corner of Father Christmas's wrapping and call centre. In maths this week we have looked at comparing length and using the words, smaller, longer, shorter, taller. We have also been using cubes to measure the length of different sized elves and objects in the classroom. Our dress rehearsal on Thursday was superb and we can't wait to share it with you next Monday. We have been recapping the sounds we've learnt in phonics and working on correct letter formation. Any support at home with this would be greatly appreciated. Only 5 more school get ups! We can do it! 



Firstly thank you for sending your children in their fantastic costumes on Thursday. They all looked the part and enjoyed a lot  of role play. We had a fun day; baking biscuits, making emergency vehicles out of construction, writing about ourselves cutting and sticking and we even squeezed in a PE lesson. In maths this week we have been looking at data handling, we created a pictograph to show which bit of a gingerbread person the children eat first! We have also been very busy rehearsing for our Christmas production and learning the songs.




This week we have learnt about the artist Georgia O'Keefe. First, we looked at some beautiful close up paintings of flowers that she is famous for. Then we looked at a variety of flowers and mixed colours to make the colours we wanted. Finally we had a go at painting our own flowers. We're looking forward to showing them off at exhibition! We've also written a sentence, using the sounds we know to write about the emergency services. In PSHE we learnt about different homes and had a go at making a home for some different sized teddy bears.





This week we have entered a drawing competition, we had to draw some of our family members and include a picture of ourselves. Afterwards we put our entries into an envelope and took it to post in the post box next to Micheldever stores. It was exciting to go for a walk as a class and talk about what we could see and hear. This lead beautifully into learning more about the postal services and how they help us. We have even had fun setting up a postbox in class and sending each other cards and pictures. In maths we have been learning about comparing 2 groups and how we can find out which has more or less- our counting is definitely improving! We have also been busy learning the songs and actions for our Nativity! You're going to love it!



This week we started with fireworks art work and enjoyed making different coloured fireworks on black paper. We  have continued with our learning on vets. We found out that x-rays help a vet to see if an animal has any broken bones. We looked at different x-rays and identified the skull, spine and ribs. We then made our own x-rays of animals. In maths we've been looking at one more and one less and there's been lots of practise counting up to 10.






The children have done brilliantly this week, despite being clearly very tired after a busy half term! We have looked at the autumn colours and practiced mixing red and yellow to make orange, with this we did some beautiful leaf printing and finger painting. We have busy counting up to 7 and making 6 and 7 in different ways. Some children have enjoyed dressing up too. Enjoy your half term and please make sure PE kis are returned on the first day back.




Oak have had a great week. In our PSHE lessons we have been learning about their rights as a child and that they are entitled to clean water, food, a warm bed, a home, clothes to keep warm and an education. We have been learning the school rules so that everyone can enjoy coming to school and have fun with their friends. In maths we have been looking at different ways of making 5 and in phonics we have learnt the sounds: u, r, h, and b. They are certainly starting to get very tired, one more week to get through before half term- we can do it!


We were very proud of Oak class this morning as they sat for a long time in church for the Harvest festival and this was their first outing off site. This week we have been working on our fine motor skills and enjoyed playing with the peg boards, small construction and using eye stickers to turn our conkers into little friends! We have been working hard to learn new sounds in phonics and we've also learnt the number 4 and 5 . Our book in our PSHE lesson was 'Hands are not for hitting', this has been timely as some of our children use their hands when they are frustrated and cannot communicate their needs. If you'd like to look at this book at home, there is a video version on YouTube. 





Firstly, thank you to all the parents who came and supported our coffee morning, the children did an amazing job singing to you. This week Oak class have had a brilliant week with lots of learning outside going on. They have been to our wood to play and found a few caterpillars, and other insects. They have been busy learning how to create cubes out of the bigger construction and making homes and beds with them, which has been great team work. We have taught the numbers: 0, 1, 2 and 3. Please can your child practice counting accurately 3 objects and some might like to try writing the numerals.



What a busy week we've had. This week we have introduced drawing club. The book that we drew about was Little Rabbit Foo Foo. They loved hearing the story every day, learning new words - accelerate, scoop and disapprove and drawing parts from the story. My favourite was drawing something to catch all of the Goonies tears! We been thinking about who is in our family and drawing our close relatives and how our family look after us and how some of us are big brothers or sisters. In phonics this week, we have learnt the sounds: p, i, n and m. 





Oaks have done a brilliant job this week, the jump to full days is hard work for them and they are certainly very tired having completed their first full week.  They have been exploring all of our learning areas and getting to know each other. We have been excited to use the bikes and construction and we are learning the language of sharing. We have been very impressed with the kindness and thoughtfulness of some of the children and it's going to be a lovely year, all learning together. We started phonics this week and have already learnt the 3 sounds: s, a, t. A polite reminder; children need to come to school in school uniform (including school shoes) and they all need a PE kit with trainers  that lives in their drawer. 




We are so incredibly proud of all the children in Oak class, well done for a fantastic first week at BIG school. You have come in brilliantly each morning and settled quickly to a game or activity with your new class mates. We have enjoyed playing inside with cars, trains, cutting, sticking, painting and our role play corner and outside in our year R area we have enjoyed bikes and trikes, the mud kitchen and the water play! We have been learning the rules of the school, how to look after our toys and pack them away at the end of the session. We look forward to seeing them all on Monday for a full week of full days!







Firstly, we have to congratulate the class on their brilliant achievements in their first school sports day. The class were super excited (and nervous) about the day. Having a picnic lunch with friends and family started the afternoon off beautifully. They all did really well in their races and lots of fun was had, especially in the obstacle race! We were really proud of how well they cheered each other on and no one had a wobble when they didn't come first; this shows how much they have matured this year. In class, we have been recapping 2d and 3d shapes and making new underwater creatures out of 2d shapes. One final week to go, we can do it!





This week in our PSHE lessons we have been thinking about 'moving up' and what that means for us. We know that our time as a year R (or a year 1 for a few of us) is quickly coming to an end and we have reflected on all the amazing things we have achieved this year and all the fun we have had together. We have thought about what will be different next year and if we had any worries.  We were really pleased to meet Mr Jarman today, as he is going to be the new Pine class teacher while Mrs Grey is on maternity leave. We have also been working hard this week getting our work finished off for our exhibition. The children have been so excited to share their brilliant work with you, so thank you so much for the great turn out of parents and grandparents.






What an amazing time we all had in Bournemouth on Thursday. We got there in good time so enjoyed a lovely long play on the beach. We coned off a safe area for them with plenty of wet sand to dig and build sand castles. Some enjoyed being buried in the sand too! After, we enjoyed an early lunch with a sea view! Then it was our turn in the Oceanarium! We absolutely loved seeing all the different sea animals. Our favourites were the giant turtle, the sharks, the jelly fish and the otters. We were blown away by their brilliant behaviour and manners. They were a pleasure to take out for the day, well done Oak class!








This week we had a surprise visit from three of the chicks, Coronation, Richard and Nibbles. They are now teenagers and the class were very good at spotting the differences after only 3 weeks. Being teenagers, they were less obliging for cuddles, photos and did poo a lot! Today we have learnt about Whales and started our information booklet about 'under the sea'. Thank you for ensuring your child has had a named hat and a water bottle in school every day!




This week we have been learning about the different coins we use and have been practicing counting in 1p's and 10p's. We have worked out how much things cost by counting the coins and writing the number. In PSHE, we have named our body parts and thought about the different uses of these parts, for example, our tongues are for tasting and our heart pumps our blood. We also thought about how best to look after our bodies and we were very impressed with their knowledge! With Father's day approaching we've made some thing special for the Daddy's, please look in book bags!



Oak class have been looking at what you find in our oceans and seas. We have looked carefully at all the amazing plants and animals. We celebrated World Ocean Day this week and talked about how we can look after our oceans by not throwing rubbish anywhere but in the bin. We have created some fantastic writing, and we are working on our teen numbers and odds and even in our Maths. Perhaps the children can explain odd and even numbers to you at home. Super job Oak!          



We have had a lovely last week of the half term. We have been watching the chicks very carefully and observed that they are getting bigger each day and they are starting to grow feathers on their wings. We have all had a stroke and a hold. We are hoping that after half term they will pop back for a day so we can see how much they've grown. We have read the story Jasper's beanstalk, from that we ordered the pictures and written our own versions. 10 sentences of writing each! We can't wait to show you at our next exhibition! We hope you have a rest full half term and look forward to seeing you in June. Mrs Jackson will be in for the whole week on the first week back as Mrs Griffiths is joining year 6 on their residential to Calsholt. Mrs Griffiths will be back on the 2nd week.




What an exciting and fun filled week we've had! The trip to Foot farm was a huge success and the children were a pleasure to take out for the day. High lights were paddling in the river and the tractor ride! Thank you to Mrs B for organising with her Dad! Then, the chicks started hatching! We've had 2 yellow chicks and 3 darker ones. We've all been brave and either had a hold or a gentle stroke. The class have taken on the role of parents and are responsible for keeping them safe, clean, fed, watered and entertained! The chicks have enjoyed stories being read to them, puppet shows and an array of art work to decorate the chick hotel. They are certainly feeling the love! 






Another short week has whizzed past in the blink of an eye. Despite this, we have still crammed in a lot. We have been learning the story of 'The very hungry Caterpillar' and a song with actions to go with it. We have learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly and all done some brilliant writing to go with this. We  are very proud of their writing and how good they are at writing down the sounds they know in each word. The children would write 'lais' in the sentence: The butterfly lays eggs, and 'maics' in the sentence: The caterpillar makes a cocoon. This is exactly what we would expect for their age and stage. In year one, they will be introduced to alternative spellings for certain sounds. If children are writing at home, don't feel the need to correct spellings at this stage. 





This week has flown by. Our main focus has been about the Coronation and our own celebrations in school. This afternoon the class enjoyed being with the rest of the school to have a party with decorated biscuits (that we decorated earlier in the week) and jelly. We played games and sung songs, it was a lot of fun! We have been excited to see our seeds have sprouted and will transfer them next week into deeper pots. We also have only 11 days until our eggs are due to hatch. We are in need of a dog crate  (to borrow for a few weeks) for the chicks to live in initially and some old towels. If you have any of these things please bring them in or speak to us at the door. Enjoy the Coronation weekend!  




What a busy week we've had! We've all written letters to Mr Johnston asking for certain treats for our Coronation party next Friday and we've started making our flags and bunting! On Thursday 7 chicken eggs were delivered and the class were keen to learn that they will need to stay warm and snug in the incubator for 21 days. We have learnt about the life cycle of a chicken and will hopefully witness the hatching of our eggs in 3 weeks time. In maths we have been learning about the different pairs of numbers (also known as number bonds) that make 10. Enjoy your 3 day weekend!




It has been lovely to have Oak class back together again and they have loved sharing their holiday news. Thank you to those who extended the dinosaur learning over Easter. This week we have started to learn about the seasons and what special things spring can bring. We have been learning baby names for farm animals and planted some sunflower seeds and some vegetable seeds. Fingers crossed we can witness some sprouting seeds over the next few weeks. We have also started doing some work in preparation for the King's coronation - exciting times ahead!



Oak Class have had a fabulous week exploring numbers and their patterns, writing prayers for church and making dinosaur biscuits. We have prepared our Easter Service and are all looking forward to a lovely break. Hope you all enjoy the holidays and come back ready for an exciting summer term. 



Oak class have had a super week! We loved making our massive dinosaur out of boxes and tubes and the children worked together to paint it. We have written dinosaur information books about our favourite dinosaurs and have been learning that a sentence ends with a full stop. (Hopefully you got to see these brilliant books at exhibition). Today we celebrated T-Rex's 5th dinosaur and worked out how many candles he would have blown out in his life! Thank you for coming to exhibition this afternoon, the children love showing off their work.





We can't believe it was snowing last week and this week we have been outside playing in milder weather. Spring is definitely on its way! In PSHE we have been considering why sleep is important for our bodies and things we can do to help us get a good nights sleep. We have also been thinking about Mother's day and why it is celebrated. We have thought carefully about the things our Mummies do for us and how much we should appreciate these things. We have made cards for our Mummies (please check book bags on Sunday, if they don't appear) and made a small gift as a token of our love. We hope you have a wonderful weekend!






Oak have had a fun week learning more about different dinosaurs. We have invented our own and given them names. In maths we have been looking at one more and one less than a number of objects (dinosaurs) and writing the numerals to match. Some children are still writing their numbers back to front, please could parents help support writing numbers to 10 at home.

In PSHE we have talked about healthy food choices as part of our being healthy unit. We've discussed how some foods have a lot of sugar in them and eating too many of these types of foods are bad for our hearts and teeth. 







What a brilliant day we've had to end a super week. Thank you for making such a fantastic effort with the children's world book day costumes, we've had everything from dinosaurs to a nurse to Elton John himself and they all looked brilliant! We have had a great day sharing books with our buddies and joining in with lots of different book related activities. With the sunnier weather we have enjoyed being outside a bit more and some of the children have enjoyed being palaeontologists and dusting off dinosaur fossils and digging for dinosaurs in the sand. Luckily we've had no more dinosaur footprints coming through our classroom.











Well this week has been all about the lead up to fairy day and the day its self! What a lovely day we have had! The children looked amazing this morning all dressed up and the wings they made earlier in the week certainly helped to transform them into real fairies! First we went over to the church grounds to hunt for fairy doors and by each one was a gift left for us to take (hopefully they have come home with a bag of special goodies), then we made fairies and decorated our fairy cakes.  This afternoon we made fairy wands (fruit kebabs) and fairy toadstools (party food) and enjoyed a fairy tea party with real china cups and saucers. We finished the afternoon with a little dance ready for the disco! 







What an exciting week we've had... the Flower fairies left fairy babies for the children to look after. They have all named their baby and some have made a cot or an extra room. Some children are taking their responsibilities very seriously and are regularly checking their babies are okay and tucking them in bed at night. We wrote to Mr Johnson last week to ask if we could have a fairy day, luckily for us he has said yes, if we would write back and let him know the sorts of things we would like to do. We have been busy planning our day and we have chosen next Friday (so they are ready for the school disco). More details to follow in a separate letter.





The fairies moved in last weekend and have been coming back each night to sleep. We have taken full advantage of the frosty mornings and enjoyed playing with the ice in the tough trays. We have spoken about how -4 oC is less than 0 (some minds have been blown) and that water freezes at this temperature. We decided to try and freeze water ourselves in plates and added some sticks, berries, leaves and shells to create some frozen art work. We were amazed with how awesome it turned out. We have also been looking at different ways of making the number 8 and 9 using numicon. 






Oak have had a super week; they all received a letter from their fairy asking if the children could make furniture for their homes. The class have been super busy making beds, chairs and tables and some have included sofas and tv's. Those lucky fairies (who we hope are moving in this weekend)! We have all had a go at writing back to our fairies using the sounds we know. I know the fairies are impressed! In maths we have been measuring in non-standard measures and ordering things from shortest to tallest. 





What an exciting start we have had. We had a letter from Old-man's Beard Fairy explaining that the Flower Fairies were getting cold and wet in this miserable weather and could we help find them somewhere warm to stay. We quickly wrote back saying we could help and asked how many were fairies were coming. The next day, every child had received a special letter from their own Flower Fairy asking for help. We thought carefully about what the flower fairies might like in their new homes and went collecting leaves, sticks and moss at the church yard. We have started creating our fairy houses but they will still need a few more creature comforts before the fairies can hopefully move in next week. 





We have made it! A whole term of big school under our belts, only another 20 more terms until they start secondary school! We are all so incredibly proud of them and all they have achieved this term. We can't believe the difference in them and how confident and happy they are at school.  We wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you all next year. 2023 is only 15 days away. 



The children did a brilliant job in our dress rehearsal of this year's nativity, 'A little bird told me'. They loved trying on their costumes and they all got on and off stage at the right time and remembered most of the songs and actions. We are looking forward to performing the real thing on Monday to you!  We have turned our role play corner into the elves wrapping station and the children have loved dressing up and wrapping presents, writing tags and Christmas cards. Enjoy your weekend, only 5 more get ups to go!



Oak have had a very exciting week. We have continued to learn about people who help us and on Wednesday we had a special visit from PCSO Martin. He spent over an hour with the class explaining some of the things he does in his job and showing the children his uniform and special equipment he gets to use. The children all had their finger print taken and were given some goodies to bring home. Oak class found the visit fascinating and we thank PCSO Martin very much for giving up his time to speak with us. Thank you also to all the parents who made our class exhibition, I think you will agree that the work they have produced this term is excellent and the children are very proud of themselves.





Oak have enjoyed playing in the new role play corner. Following on from our superhero topic we have set up a vet surgery because vets are also super amazing at making animals better. The children have taken turns to run the reception desk, and be a nurse or doctor to make the animals better. We have thought about which animals we would take to a vet and written a sentence using some of the tricky words we've learnt. In maths we have been practicing adding by combing two sets of objects or using the numicon. We have had a lot of tired tears this week, please make sure your child has an opportunity to recharge their batteries over the weekend, as next week they will need some patience and resilience to get through our nativity rehearsals.



What a SUPER week our Superheroes have had. We loved getting dressed up and being superheroes for the day. We did some SUPER writing, SUPER phonics, SUPER rescuing in our role play, made SUPERheroes out of our initials and had a SUPER dough disco to strengthen our muscles! The learning and fun that has gone on in Oak class has been truly SUPER! Next week we are going to start learning that not all superheroes wear capes (fire fighters, vets etc).



This week we have learnt a little bit about remembrance and why we wear poppies at this time. We made a class picture of poppies by painting red paint on our hands and doing hand prints. The finished piece looked very effective. We have also started our super hero learning and all made our own super hero masks which have been lots of fun to wear in class. We've thought about what super powers we might like to have and who might need rescuing. In maths we have continued to learn about 2d shapes and we've learnt the tricky words 'go' and 'I'. 



Oak have been on fire this week! We have done so much great learning. We now recognise the tricky word 'to', this will be sent home attached to their reading records, so please practise this along with 'the' that was sent home before half term. We have been learning about 2D shapes and were shape detectives around the school. We had loads of fun with pumpkins (lots of photos on tapestry) and we have learnt a bit about fireworks and firework safety. I hope it is dry enough this weekend to go and enjoy some fireworks with family and friends.






We would all like to say a huge well done to all of Oak class for getting through their first half term at 'big school'. We are incredibly proud of each and every one of them and the progress they have made and the learning they have achieved has been huge! This week we have finished learning our phase 2 sounds and we know about numbers 9 and 10. We have enjoyed what autumn has had to offer and did some leaf rubbings and talked about the changing seasons. Enjoy your week off, catch up on sleep, rest, recover and be ready for what is always the most exciting but exhausting half term of the academic year.



Oak class have had lots of fun this week! In order to be able to hold a pen correctly and form the letters we are learning in our phonics lesson we need strength in our finger and hand muscles. This week we have introduced dough disco! This is manipulating salt dough in different ways to music!  In PE we got some apparatus out, the mats and benches were a big hit and they loved trying to walk along the balance beam. We learnt how to move in different ways and jump off apparatus by bending our knees when we land. Out side we have made the most of the dry afternoons and enjoyed building with the big construction and sorting through a bag of shells that were kindly donated to us. 





Firstly, a massive well done to all the children in Oak class for singing so brilliantly in church this morning. It is a big deal walking over to the church and sitting in a new environment, never mind standing up in front of the whole school, an audience and singing. Mrs B and I were really proud of them! This week in class we have been thinking about what we look like and how we look different to our friends. We tried to draw ourselves and label some parts using some of the sounds we know, for example writing 'n' for nose and 't' for tummy. We have also discussed things we like and things we don't like. An other super week, well done.



Oak class have had a super week and we have crammed in lots of amazing learning. As we learn our sounds and practice writing them we are learning to blend those sounds to make words. We are trying really hard to blend together simple words such as: sat, pin, man, map, sad, dip using the 8 sounds we recognise. If you get a chance to practice this blending at home with these 8 sounds, we words be thrilled. We also did a brilliant job of singing our combine harvester song to an audience this morning during our Macmillian coffee morning.






This week seems to have disappeared in a flash, despite being short we have certainly crammed a lot in. We have been learning about how to be bucket fillers. This essentially means how small acts of kindness towards one another can help boost self esteem, improve behaviour and build positivity within the class. Your children may refer to this at home and give cuddles, be helpful and ask if this is filling your bucket. We also discussed how we can empty each others bucket by saying hurtful things or physically hurting one another. The language we use will continue to be built on and hopefully we will be filling each others buckets all the time!





Well done to all the Oak class children who are now all doing full days. This is a big adjustment and some of us are very tired by the end of the day (and that's just the adults!) This week we have had our first PE lesson, please can we remind you that PE kits can stay in school all week as we will usually have PE on Wednesday's and Friday's but we will take the opportunity for extra sessions whenever we can. We went on an autumn walk around the school grounds and collected leaves. Have a look at our pictures we made with them that are outside the classroom, they are super cute. We have also started to learn some numbers, we now know 0, 1, 2 and 3! The sounds we have covered are p, i and n. 







Wow, we are all so proud of all the children in Oak class who have come in to BIG school with such positive smiles and a 'can do' attitude! What a lot they have learnt this week too. They know where their trays and pegs are, they have made new friends and can play with each other and share toys, they can tidy up, they have had fruit and milk, they have had a tour of the school and they have even stayed for lunch! Not only have they learnt all these new routines and school rules but they have also learnt 3 sounds... s, a, t.  Maybe you can play eye spy at home with these new sounds or practice spotting the letters when you are out and a about at the weekend. Sleep well boys and girls, because next week you are moving on to full days!




What a fabulous trip to the Aquarium; Oak Class were on their best behaviour and it was a pleasure to take them. We saw Seahorses, Soldier fish, crabs, Nemo and Dory and we had a great talk all about sharks. Some of the children impressed us with their knowledge and we were very proud. We watched a helper feed them and watched them swim around furiously. Rocco knew all about the Megladon but Ted's favourite was the stingray! What a super job Oak Class! 





You can tell we are close to the end of the year, we have some very tired children in Oak class this week. A few early nights would be ideal, so we can all enjoy the last 8 days together! This week we have been working on using a number line to add by counting on and subtract by counting back. We are all beginning to get the idea and will continue this next week. We have been making some sea creatures ready to share next week at the exhibition and we have been enjoying some outside play. We are really impressed with how much their writing has suddenly come on, for some everything just seems to be clicking into place. 



This week Oak have enjoyed learning about fish and sea creatures as part of our project. We have been designing underwater creatures in our creative area and writing non fiction information booklets. We have also enjoyed some time in Pine Class this week to help us transition next year. We impressed Mrs Gray with our reading and writing and created some fantastic pictures. We also had a lovely time at the allotment.




We have had a fun week learning about different animals that live in the sea. We have enjoyed learning some sea themed songs and making up some music to go along with them. We particularly enjoyed making moving jelly fish pictures on a sea scape. On top of all of this we have done some fantastic writing and continued to practice our counting beyond 20 and practical subtraction work with cubes.




Oak Class have been looking this week at ways to keep calm and regulate ourselves, especially in this hot weather. We have been trying different techniques including tapping and palm presses to help us when we get upset and angry. The children are enjoying exploring these ideas and also have been teaching each other. Well done Oak! 



This week Oak class have had a great first week back. It's been wonderful to hear all about their Jubilee antics! The chicks have come back for a final week of cuddles and they have grown so much over half term. The children have noticed that they have grown lots of new feathers, they flap their wings to help them jump around and poo a lot more! Dabdab, the duckling also came for a visit, he finally hatched the first weekend of the half term. The class loved seeing him and comparing the similarities and differences between chicks and ducklings. In maths we've been practicing some subtraction, any practical maths you could at home this weekend to reinforce this would be fab! For example, there are 6 apples in the fruit bowl, you take 2 out. How many are left? 





Oak have had a fabulous week. Our school trip to the Foot Farm was so exciting. We created some Jubilee art from natural materials, played some chasing games in the long grass, looked for animals on a bug hunt, did some meadow sketching, explored the river with our rafts and then went on a brilliant tractor ride. Huge thanks to Mr Foot for hosting us. 





What an exciting end to the week Oak have had. Our first chick has hatched! The children have called it Nugget! It is very cute and fluffy and we are hoping the other chicks will hatch out of their eggs in the next day or two and next week we will hopefully be able to hold them. We have done some brilliant writing and drawings for our news letter explaining what has happened. 






Oak Class found a snail on the playground so we decided to investigate. Did you know some snails can grow to the size of your hand? Snails feed on a variety of food found in their natural habitat. What they consume depends on where they live and the species of snail that they are. Usually leaves, fruit, vegetables and peelings. They also eat sand or soil to get a thicker shell. Have you ever wondered how they eat? These molluscs have an organ in the mouth with rows of tiny teeth, sometimes compared with a tongue. They crush and scrape their food. We carefully placed our snail into the bug hotel and collected leaves. 




Outside our classroom we discovered some little bugs , We researched them and found out they were called June Beetles or May bugs. We looked at where they live and what they like to eat then put them back outside again. This week we opened our new look kitchen mixology area where we are creating  recipes for magic potions. The children have been mixing and creating amazing potions and carefully recording all of their ingredients. 





Oak have had a super first week back and have crammed in so much already. The highlights have been: going to the allotment to pull up some potatoes and do some weeding. At school the potatoes were then scrubbed, chopped and cooked in the oven, we all enjoyed the chips!  We have planted some pea seeds and are hopeful they will germinate soon, ready to be planted at the allotment with some other vegetables. We have done some brilliant writing based on the book 'Driving my tractor' and of course have enjoyed playing with our friend again. 





Oak have had a super half term; we are really proud with how much progress they have all made especially with their phonics and how this is impacting their writing and reading. We have sent home extra reading books for the holidays; we would be very grateful if reading at home could be continued over the break so they don't get out of practice and forget everything they have learnt. This week we have enjoyed lots of Easter craft activities and learnt about the Easter story. We wish all families a wonderful Easter break and we look forward to seeing everyone for our new exciting learning in the summer term.





Oak Class have had a brilliant week after our school trip to Milestone's last week. We have talked about how transportation has changed over time and what exciting vehicles we may use in the future. We have been measuring distances and using ramps and construction to build tracks and courses for our trucks, cars and buses.



Oak had a brilliant day at Milestones Museum this week - our first proper school trip. We learnt so much about different vehicles from the past and how they have changed over the years. We saw old fashioned carts that would have been pulled by horses, a tram, a train, lots of different bikes, 3 wheeled vehicles that were used to sell ice cream, fire engines and buses. The red bus was a firm favourite, partly because we were allowed on! The children were so well behaved and a credit to the school. They were a delight to take out for the day and their enthusiasm towards everything they saw was infectious! Well done Oak class!




Oak Class have been working very hard on getting our b's and d's the right way round. This is tricky for everyone, and we have learned some special songs to help us. We have also been securing our number bonds to 5 and we are really good at this now! We are all very excited about our school trip to Milestones museum next week where we will see lots of different types of transport. 



Oak have blown us away with their brilliant writing this week. We have had a focus on capital letters, finger spaces between words and sounding out words and writing all the sounds we can hear. The children have made different types of transport out of construction and written about it and made scenarios for our own naughty bus and written sentences to match. Today was science day and we have had fun trying to get our bus to travel further by changing the height of the ramp.






Oak class have been very excited to start our new project on transport. They have enjoyed exploring ramps and tunnels for the cars and trucks to travel along. We have been making great strides with our PSHE having lovely conversations and helping our friends- look at us helping each other with dressing up.  They loved World book day; it was wonderful to see the whole class in their different costumes and for them to share their books with their buddies in Willow class




What a long half term it has been and we are incredibly proud of all children in Oak class for making it to the end.  This week we finished off our traditional tales learning with a performance of The Gingerbread Man to parents - we hope you enjoyed it despite the suddenly quiet and shy voices. Today we have done our first bit of data handling. Looking at which part of the Gingerbread Man should be eaten first - the head, legs or arms. Ask your children if they can remember which was most popular! We hope you have a restful half term and we're already planning some exciting new learning for their return.



Oak Class have started working really hard on their sentence writing. They have started to look at capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. I’m sure they would love to show you if you wanted to help them at home. We are all holding our pens confidently and forming our letters carefully. This week we have also been thinking about what makes a good friend in other people and how we can try to be like that. We have talked about sharing and taking turns. Super work Oak.



Oak class have been learning a new traditional tale this week; The Gingerbread Man.

They have had so much fun baking and decorating their own gingerbread people and then the best bit - eating them! We have written instructions on how to make gingerbread men focusing on using bossy verbs - mix, roll, cut, bake, decorate and eat! In maths we have been focusing on doubling numbers up to 10 by counting numicon and butterfly spots. Some of us have been very creative with junk modelling. If you could save any cereal boxes or similar and bring them into school, we know they would be upcycled into awesome creations! 






Oak have had  a super week, we have been really focusing our learning on numbers 11 to 20. Counting, recognising them, writing them, drawing them and using Numicon to represent them. Most of them are nearly there. Any reinforcement at home would be greatly appreciated. We have also learnt new digraphs oo as in book and oo as in moon, or,  ur and ow as in cow. To finish our story Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we have written sorry letters from Goldilocks to apologise for either eating the porridge, breaking the chair or sleeping in the bed. Some super writing Oak Class!



This week we have been learning a new traditional tale: Goldilocks and the three bears. The children have enjoyed playing in the 3 bears house, making and tasting porridge and writing speech bubbles from the characters in the story. Ask your child to see how much of the story they can remember. In maths we have been looking at teen numbers and even numbers above 20. We have also been thinking about what 'one more' means. Another super week!





Oak class have been working hard on our numbers and matching our numerals in order. We have been using our knowledge to solve simple maths problems. The children have been exploring sound in their child initiated time, one child heard a chinook helicopter before we saw it and we have been using equipment in our learning area to transmit sound. Well done Oak some great learning. 




We have been very impressed with how well Oak class have returned to school this term. They have remembered the class rules and were so pleased to see their friends again. We have quickly started our new topic of traditional tales and have begun to learn our first story of The 3 little pigs. We have been on a winter walk to collect our own sticks to make a stick house and enjoyed playing with puppets. Check out some of our brilliant writing in the photo section.





We made it to the end of term! What a fun packed week it has been too, with Christmas shopping, disco, Father Christmas, hot chocolate and Christmas craft! We want to say a massive well done to all the children in Oak class for such a fantastic first term. You have all made immense progress in all areas of the curriculum and have come on so much. We could not be prouder.

We wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year!  



Firstly we must congratulate all of Oak class for their brilliant nativity! We are so proud of all of them and it is such a big deal to stand on that stage in front of an audience when you are only four years old! They learnt lines, songs, actions and when to go on add off stage. We hope you loved it as much as we did. In between rehearsals and performing we have learnt a new trigraph 'igh' and we have been practicing our counting to 10 and beyond. We had lots of fun playing elves and making a sleigh out of the big construction in our outdoor area! One more week to go and they will have completed their first term at big school!




– Oak Class have had a great week learning all about People who help us. We had a very special visitor but thankfully he didn’t have to lock anyone up! Thank you PC Johnston for your time, the children loved it. We have been thinking as well about the ways we can become people who help others and the things we can practically do for each other. As we enter the season of Advent we have been reflecting on waiting for exciting things that are yet to happen and our role play has become a wrapping station. A great week Oak well done. 






Oak have had a super week! We have been rehearsing for the nativity and they all had their first go at being on stage today! We have been busy learning the digraphs 'sh' and 'th' and spotting them in words and pictures. We have been learning about subtraction being taking things away and seeing how many are left and linking this learning to number sentences. We have also had lots of fun with the throwing and catching equipment (balls, quoits and bean bags) and developing our skills in these areas.






Oak class have had a great week. We have been learning to use our balancing skills with different parts of our bodies, developing our coordination and core strength. In maths we have been exploring our 2D and 3D shapes. We have done lots of shape investigations and really enjoyed our shape walks around the school. We have been looking at people who help us and enjoying becoming these people in role play. Well done Oak. 



This week we have been thinking about people who help us, for example, vets, doctors, firefighters and police. We came up with scenarios of when we might need help from those adults. We have also been learning our 3D shapes, cylinder, sphere, cube and cone. Please help your child/ren to spot these shapes at home and if you have any empty packaging which represents those shapes that could be brought into school next week to be shared, that would be brilliant.





Oak have been exploring pattern in the environment, we have been looking carefully at leaf shapes and colours. We made repeating patterns with colours and shapes -you could try this at home it was great fun. Some children went on to make leaf people and were very creative. We have been using our pen disco to help us with our pen control and writing our letters and sounds on the white boards.




Firstly, we have to say a massive well done to all the children in Oak class for getting through their first half term of 'big school'. They have learnt so much already, not just all those numbers and sounds but: names of new friends, how to share resources, how to line up for lunch, to wait their turn, to tidy up, to listen to each other and to be responsible for their belongings to name just a few!  Rest up this half term and recharge those batteries because when we come back we will be mentioning the 'C'  word (Christmas for those unsure) and we have so much exciting new learning to do too!



This week in Oak we have been working on our team building skills, sharing and working together to create amazing structures. Some children made their own treasure maps and others helped them dig for treasure in the digging area. We have had a pen disco which helps our fine motor skills and opened bean pods together. We have done lots of counting to 10 and are starting to look at the composition of number. Well done Oak for all your hard work this week. 




What a fantastic way to end another awesome week - I'm sure you will agree, that Oak class sang beautifully in the Harvest celebration this morning. Well done! We have been busy in class too, learning the sounds, m, d, g, o and u and the numbers 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10! Some of us can order the numbers too! We are getting so clever! It would be great if they could spot any of those sounds or numbers when at home or out and about.



A second full week for the children in Oak class and my goodness they are all really embracing school life! We have learnt the next set of sounds, c, k, ck, e and h and can spot things in our environment that begin with those sounds. We have learnt the numbers 5, 6 and 7, practiced writing them and are beginning to count out objects with one to one correspondence! We have made leaf pictures with the fallen leaves and observed the changing of the seasons to autumn. We are also busy getting ready for next weeks harvest celebration and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in church.







Oak class have been exploring all of our outdoor learning areas and have been involved in some fantastic outdoor challenges. Every child has initiated some of their own learning which has been a pleasure to see,  then we can help them along in their understanding. We are learning to be a great team in Oak and play and learn together cooperatively. Please can you return any toys that may have inadvertently made their way home. Thanks everyone.



Oak Class have been exploring outside, we have enjoyed using the bikes, the apps and the sand area. We are becoming more confident with our lovely environment and learning to use it appropriately. We are enjoying getting to know each other and learning about other members of our class. We have started to stay all day this week and are having fun together.




Oak class have made a great start to school taking it all in their stride, so well done. They have been learning new routines and been settling into our Micheldever family.  We are learning all about each other and the things we like and don’t like. Each child is unique and wonderfully made, it’s been a pleasure getting to know them all a little better. 



Another big well done to Pine! This has not been an easy week, switching back to online learning, but once again the children have done so with resilience and focus. We are all very proud of you Pine! It was wonderful welcoming parents to our exhibition this week and having the chance to show off all the brilliant work Pine have done this term. What a lovely way to end the term! At home, the children have been writing exciting meerkat stories and finding shapes in nature. Pine have really shown their best this week! Have a wonderful summer break, it is definitely well deserved!



What a lovely week we have had in Oak, these are some pictures of us on Friday last week in our bright clothing. We have had another busy week writing letters and cards to our friends with positive affirmations. In Maths we have been looking at repeating patterns in both colours and shapes. In Science we have been looking at comparing and contrasting habitats for animals and mini beasts and have been exploring classifications of them- particularly insects. We have been very creative and made some huge butterflies ?? that you will be able to see at our exhibition next week. We are looking forward to sharing our work with you. 


This week in Oak we have been looking at celebrations, particularly Christenings and Baptism. The children can explain the service and talk about the symbolism of being washed clean ready to meet God. They have all acted out their own Baptismal services and if you have any Christening pictures we would love to share and talk about them next week





Oak have had such a fun week. The obvious highlight was the trip to Marwell on Tuesday which they all enjoyed so much, particularly the hippo! We have also been painting, writing sentences and in PE this week we have been practising for Sports Day which we are so excited for. We have been doing lots of art; today we made masks!





In Oak this week we have been exploring different genres of music and looking at different ways of moving our bodies. We have been thinking about how the music makes us feel and what part of our bodies we want to respond to the music with. We have also had a wonderful week writing our own versions of the story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and have written some superb piece of work.




Oak have been working very hard on their writing. I am very proud of them. We have been looking at letter formation, finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. Please take a look at the pictures of independent writing which the children did during child initiated learning .



Oak have made some new fairy friends and are enjoying finding out all about them. In Art we have been looking at swirls in nature and creating our own swirls with our bodies, paints and natural objects. We have planted our sweet pea “teepee“ which we are excited to watch grow and also our sunflowers have started to sprout so we are going to have great fun measuring and recoding their growth over the next few weeks






Oak had an amazing class trip this week; we practiced our observational drawing skills and did a mini beast hunt. We even found a magic fairy we named Smiling Sunflower who is going to come back to school with us. In the afternoon we did some fabulous pond dipping and found lots of different creatures in the water. We had boat races using the rafts we had made at school. The best bit however was the fabulous tractor ride around the Farm. Thank you Mr Foot for a day we will never forget.







Oak have been preparing our sweet pea plants and sunflowers so we can watch them grow and measure them. To help us prepare we have been ordering, measuring and using rulers around the classroom and outside. We have been working hard on our guided reading in groups and our independent tasks to help us think about our transition to year 1 and beyond. Well done Oak, we are looking forward to our trip next week if the weather holds.




Oak class have been exploring and estimating weight and looking at the maths vocabulary involved. They have worked out that size is not important in relation to weight but often what the material is made of matters more. Metal things seem to be generally heavier. See the pictures later of some children exploring our moon rocks, a challenge where they couldn’t see the objects so had to estimate by feel before putting them on the scales.








The children in Oak have had a wonderful week exploring capacity. We have been estimating and measuring amounts of water in different containers and have even made our own concoctions and secret potions. We have been working hard at our writing and are really getting the hang of sentences now. We have been enjoying our outdoor learning zones and the sand area that has been updated with new and interesting interactive challenges. Another great week. Well done Oak. 




In Oak this week we have been exploring our environment and investigating plants and animals in our outdoor learning area. We found a variety of mini beasts and are looking carefully at their habitats. In maths we have been learning to tell the time and the children are really good at using the clocks they have made, I hope they have shown you. They are all developing their writing skills and are working hard on doing this independently. A great week Oak; well done. 



Summer Term Curriculum Letter

Spring Term Curriculum Letter

Oak class exhibition - Autumn Term 2020

Have a watch of our exhibition video below to see all the learning we have been doing this term.


w/c 5.10.20

At Micheldever we learn how to become amazing writers using 'Talk for Writing.' Here are some of our children reading our version of the Gruffalo.


We have also been making our own Gruffalo puppets.



w.c. 14.10.20 - We have begun! Oak class have started and already begun to learn.


Letter from Class Teacher - a warm welcome from Mr Johnston, Mrs Jackson and Mrs Bushell.


Click below to see what we will be learning this autumn term as we go 'Into the woods'.

Autumn Term Curriculum Newsletter


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