School News

Green Ambassadors

Our new Green Ambassadors, have already held two meetings and have generated lots of ideas for ways in which the school can become more green. This  term they are reinforcing all the work that was undertaken last year on recycling within school. New signs are being made for our recycling bins and they will be reminding all the classes via presentations and games, what can and cannot be recycled.

Relax Kids

During the Autumn Term, each class will be taking part in a six week 'Relax Kids' program which teaches the children relaxation techniques through yoga and mindfulness. When questioned on how they felt after a session, some of our children said it made them feel relaxed, calm, peaceful and warm.


On Friday 20 September everyone took part in the Fit4kids workshops. Paul told us about sugar and the food traffic light system. Paul told us that not only sugar can hurt our bodies but fats and salt too. For example Walkers Ready Salted crisps are green for sugar however they are red for fat as they have 8.0g of fat which is bad for you. So we learned that crisps are ok as a treat but shouldn't be eaten too often. We also looked at lots of other foods and said if we thought they were healthy or not. We thought the Oat Granola bars were healthy but actually they have lots of sugar from the honey. 

Paul also talked to us about how important it is to be fit & healthy. First off we did a warm up which was jogging on the spot. Then he showed us lots of different exercises such as squats, lunges, air cycling and lots more fun activities! At the end we did star jumps to cool down. It's important to warm up so that you don't pull any muscles and the cool down helps your body recover from the exercises. 

It was really fun and now we know more about being fit and healthy. 

By a Year 3 pupil