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The Structure of our Governing Body

The Structure of our Governing Body

Our Governing Body is chaired by Katy Toms, who is a Co-Opted Governor. The Vice Chair is Sarah Hazard, also a Co-Opted governor. The Governing Body is made up of fifteen people: the Executive Headteacher, Mrs Hilary Brewster, the vicar of Barton Stacey Parish, Reverend Mark Bailey, a staff governor, two foundation governors, a local authority governor, two parent governors and six Co-Opted Governors.


Full Governing Body

The full governing body meets five times a year. There are two meetings in the Autumn term, one in each half term, one meeting in the Spring term, and two in the Summer term. The agendas for these meetings are issued in advance, and are set by the Executive Headteacher and the Chair of Governors.  Items are also added by the sub-committees. Many agenda items are standing items and appear on every agenda. There are legal and Local Authority deadlines which have to be met for decisions. These meetings have a paid clerk who advises on the law and produces the minutes.



There are four sub-committees which meet regularly and these have approximately 5/6 members. These meetings are timed to feed into the full governing body meetings so take place approximately two weeks before the full governing body meeting The Full Governing Body Meeting, and necessary items are discussed and ratified. Each sub-committee has its own Terms of Reference.


  1. The Curriculum, Standards and Ethos Committee is chaired by Alison Thompson. This monitors Teaching and Learning, spirituality and ethos of our school.

  2. The Management Committee is chaired by Katy Toms. This supports and monitors Finance and Personnel matters and Health and safety matters.

  3. The Pay Committee consists of three governors who make decisions on recommendations about staff salaries. This committee advises the Management Sub-Committee.


As well as these sub committees, there are committees which only meet if there is a need. These include the Discipline Committee and the Appeals Committee.