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Pine - Year 1 and 2

Welcome to Pine Class Year 1 & 2!


Welcome back after a lovely half term break. We hope you have all had a good rest and are ready for the half term ahead! We have lots of exciting things planned and are looking forward to the Easter celebrations. I have updated our class page to show you some recent learning and activities that have been happening in Pine Class. We have been busy with our 'Titanic' topic already and had a wonderful Titanic Day! In English we will be making non-fiction books, creating newspaper reports, posters and writing fictional stories. In Maths we will be looking at position and direction, solving problems with money, shapes and measures and learning to tell the time.  


Thank you for your continued support, please remember our door is always open and to ask if you have any questions. 


From Miss Doe and Mrs Phelps


Assessment Information 


Here is some guidance about the upcoming curriculum tests.

If you have any questions please see your class teacher. 


Information for parents: 2017 key stage 1 tests

Details of the national curriculum tests (SATs) children in year 2 will sit throughout May.

Year 1 Phonics Assessment information


Year 1 children complete a phonics assessment in June where they will read a selection of real and 'silly' words. They will be expected to sound out and blend the sounds they see to read the word accurately. All the sounds will have been taught during daily phonics lessons. To support your child in learning these sounds please see the links attached below to a video to show you how to pronounce the phonemes and opportunities for you to play games with your child. There is also a very useful video clip to explain more about what the assessment will involve.

If you wish for further information, please speak to Miss Doe or Mrs Willder.



We had a wonderful Titanic Day to kick off our new topic. We made iceberg biscuits, acted out the sinking of the ship, filmed each other being interviewed as members of the crew or passengers on board and found out lots of amazing facts using the internet! The children looked amazing and had made such an effort with their outfits. A great day had by all!


TITANIC DAY! 1 Getting onto the lifeboats...
TITANIC DAY! 4 Chaos on top deck scrambling to get onto a boat!
TITANIC DAY! 5 Iceberg biscuits

Shrove Tuesday

We had a fantastic afternoon to mark Shrove Tuesday or ‘Pancake Day’. Each class had a pancake race where they had to flip their pancake 3 times whilst running. The winner from each class celebrated by eating a fresh pancake at the winners table! Some children also competed to see who could toss their pancake the highest and catch it again (using a tennis racket). Next year we are going to need more pancakes!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

World Book Day

The children looked wonderful in their costumes on World Book Day! Each child dressed as their favourite book character and brought in a book from home to share with their class. We had a parade to show the school our fabulous costumes. The teachers gave a prize to the best costume in each class- a very difficult category to judge!

There were lots of book related activities going on the afternoon. Key Stage Two wowed us with their acting skills and Key Stage One did some beautiful writing and made egg characters.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


In RE this half term we have been learning about Judaism and different celebrations of Harvest. In groups we built Sukkah's which are temporary huts that are used for the Jewish celebration of 'Sukkot'. Ask the children what they found out about this Jewish celebration. We had great fun building these and had a lot of practice of our learning value, perseverance!

Sukkah Huts

Sukkah Huts 1
Sukkah Huts 2
Sukkah Huts 3
Sukkah Huts 4
Sukkah Huts 5


NEW: Please see below a selection of words children in each year are expected to be able to spell accurately in all writing. Practise the words as individual spellings, then try writing them in sentences. Stretch your imagination by writing sentences as 'commands', 'statements', 'questions' or 'exclamations'. Remember an exclamation sentence should start with Oh, What or How. Don't forget to use capital letters and full stops!

Have fun!




Below are some helpful Maths, English and Phonics websites that are useful to use at home for Pine Class children.