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Welcome to Birch Class!


Welcome back after a lovely Christmas break! We are very much looking forward to the term ahead. We have lots planned and cannot wait to get learning! This term our topic is the Ancient Egyptians. The children will be exploring lots of new things about the Egyptians and have a trip early in the term to set our minds alive with questions and new ideas. We will be continuing to work hard on our times-tables to support our maths learning.  As always, there are plenty of new spellings to be practising too, look out for our curriculum letter for more information later this term.


If you should have any questions or comments, please speak to any member of the Birch Team we would be happy to help. 


Mrs Morrissey, Mrs Groves & Mrs Fettes

Yr3/4 Tricky Word List

Shrove Tuesday

We had a fantastic afternoon to mark Shrove Tuesday or ‘Pancake Day’. Each class had a pancake race where they had to flip their pancake 3 times whilst running. The winner from each class celebrated by eating a fresh pancake at the winners table! Some children also competed to see who could toss their pancake the highest and catch it again (using a tennis racket). Next year we are going to need more pancakes!

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World Book Day

The children looked wonderful in their costumes on World Book Day! Each child dressed as their favourite book character and brought in a book from home to share with their class. We had a parade to show the school our fabulous costumes. The teachers gave a prize to the best costume in each class- a very difficult category to judge!

There were lots of book related activities going on the afternoon. Key Stage Two wowed us with their acting skills and Key Stage One did some beautiful writing and made egg characters.

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Remembrance 2016

Light and Shadow


We have been learning about different light sources and how light travels. It has been interesting to explore how light creates shadows. We found out that depending on the angle the light travels when it hits an object, the shadow will appear differently. We will be investigating this as part of our Longitudinal Study throughout the year! Check back to the website through the seasons to see how this changes. 

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Finding equivalent Fractions and Decimals


We have been working very hard to understand how fractions are formed and what these fractions are if they were to be recorded as a decimal. We have been thinking about different units of measures e.g. Km, Kg, Litres and comparing these fractions & decimals with how the decimal system works for money!

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Things to practice with your child at home:


-Times tables especially 3x, 4x 6x and 8x on top of their 2, 5, and 10s.

-Telling the time using an analogue (with hands) clock.  Start with o’clock and half past, moving onto quarter to and quarter past, then to the nearest 5 mins and finally, to the nearest minute.  If your child is confident and accurate at telling the time, ask questions such as what time will it be in 45 mins?  If my programme is 68 mins long, what time will it end?


-Times Tables, out of order in a random quick fire style

-Use weekly spellings in sentences thinking carefully about grammar and punctuation.

-Looking up spelling words in a dictionary and place them into alphabetical order, or try using a thesaurus to find alternative vocabulary to increase personal word knowledge.

Useful websites

Birch Class 2015-16

French Café!


This afternoon the children have been enjoying delights of the Birch French Café! They have been practising their French vocabulary for a wide variety of sweet and savoury food, been guests as well as waiters / waitress' at the café. The children were only allowed to eat the food that they could say in French which led to lots of rich vocabulary choices so that they could taste all of the delights!

Much fun was had by all. Thank you to the children, staff and parents for all your support.

Winners of the Placemat competition!

Winners of the Placemat competition! 1
Winners of the Placemat competition! 2
Winners of the Placemat competition! 3
Winners of the Placemat competition! 4
Winners of the Placemat competition! 5
Winners of the Placemat competition! 6

Autumn 2015

Autumn 2015 1
Autumn 2015 2
Autumn 2015 3
Autumn 2015 4
Autumn 2015 5
Autumn 2015 6
Autumn 2015 7
Autumn 2015 8
Autumn 2015 9

Circle your Wagons!